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Project Description

Without any extra code you can generate SQL Store Procedures and C# DAL, BLL Classes by selecting your database table and click generate button.

Auto generate C# DAL, BLL classes and Sql Store Procedures.

Before this project a project was made by M.Keramati but that generates SQL SPies (Store Procedures) and one class tu run this spies. But this project was made by me generate Sql store procedures and C# Data Access Layer , Bussiness  Logic Layer which uses for n-tier programming.

Spgen which programmed at 2008 have many problems and code density in that is very much. But in my project I used oop and .Net framework 4.0. Code density in this project was dramatically reduced.

In this program I used from generic lists, properties, classes and strings format.

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Best regards to M.Keramati for sp generator.

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